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The American Television Series
Version 3.01 -- March 2001

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Preface: About this FAQ
  • This FAQ contains
    • a) A brief history of the American television show "EMERGENCY!";
    • b) Lists of cast members, guest stars, and others involved in the show;
    • c) The show's relation to the Los Angeles COUNTY Fire Dept.;
    • d) Miscellaneous facts and trivia questions;
    • e) Where to find the show today.

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Table of Contents:

Part I -- EMERGENCY! The Television Series

Part II. -- Cast, Crew and Others

Part III. EMERGENCY! and Los Angeles County

Part V. EMERGENCY! today


Part I: EMERGENCY! - The television series

Part II. Cast, crew and others

Part III. EMERGENCY! and Los Angeles County

Part IV. EMERGENCY! facts

Part V. EMERGENCY! today


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