South-Central Pennsylvania Scanner Frequencies

Compiled by Greg Halpin (KB3DCG), York, PA

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NOTE: These frequencies, and the accompanying information, have been compiled by me over the years that I have been involved in monitoring. I make no guarantees as to their accuracy, and do not guarantee that they are still in use, nor do I guarantee this to be a complete list of frequencies in use. Part of the magic of monitoring is discovery, and I intended for this list to be used by the monitorer as an aide in discovery. My appreciation goes out to everyone that has contributed frequencies to this listing. Some have requested to remain anonymous, and they shall remain so.
For detailed information on the York County emergency services radio system, please see my York County Emergency Services Radio Network page.


Capital City Airport124.100Approach/Departure
Capital City Airport119.500Tower
Capital City Airport118.250Departure Aircraft
Capital City Airport126.450Departure Aircraft
Capital City Airport122.950UNICOM Fuel
Capital City Airport123.500UNICOM Fuel
Capital City Airport134.950Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS)
Hanover Airport122.800UNICOM Fuel/Common Frequency
Harrisburg International Airport124.100"Harrisburg Departure"
Harrisburg International Airport124.800"Harrisburg Tower/Approach"
Harrisburg International Airport118.250Departure Aircraft
Harrisburg International Airport126.450Departure Aircraft
Harrisburg International Airport122.950UNICOM Fuel
Harrisburg International Airport123.500UNICOM Fuel
Harrisburg International Airport127.200UNICOM Fuel
Harrisburg International Airport130.100UNICOM Fuel
Harrisburg International Airport118.800ATIS
Lancaster Airport120.900Tower
Lancaster Airport126.450Approach/Departure Aircraft
Lancaster Airport122.900Common Frequency
Lancaster Airport122.950UNICOM Fuel
York Airport124.100Approach/Departure Aircraft
York Airport122.800UNICOM
York Airport122.865Company
York Airport121.650Approach/Departure (HAR)
Auto Club of Southern Pennsylvania150.935
Auto Club of Southern Pennsylvania150.950
Auto Club of Southern Pennsylvania150.965
Beard's Towing150.860
Beard's Towing150.965(AAA)
Burns Security463.525
Burns Security464.500
Caterpillar Tractor153.020
Caterpillar Tractor462.325
Channel Locksmith461.450
Darrah's Auto Body150.935
Darrah's Auto Body151.835
Federal Express859.8625
Glatfelter Pulpwood Company451.475
Globe Security154.515
Green's Dairy154.540
Harley Davidson151.895
Harley Davidson153.320
Harley Davidson464.500Crossband to Trunking - Johnson
Harms Alarms151.805
Harrisburg East Mall464.325Security, Maintenance, T-E
Holiday Inn East (Harrisburg)464.925Engineering
Hulcher Emergency Service Inc.43.04
Kinsley, Robert47.64
Lavetan, L. & Son463.750
Lavetan, L. & Son464.375
Lavetan, L. & Son464.625
Lehigh Portland Cement Company451.775
Lehigh Portland Cement Company451.800
Mike's Service Center461.975
National Medical Homecare851.6375
RCC Paging152.060Tri-State
RCC Paging152.240Metrocall
Rivers Garage464.200
Roadway Express160.095
Roadway Package Systems154.570
Round Hill Foods463.200
Ruppert Detective464.875
Schaad Detective Agency461.025York "Channel 4"
Schaad Detective Agency461.125
Schaad Detective Agency461.3375
Schaad Detective Agency461.350
Schaad Detective Agency461.525Chambersburg "Channel 3"
Schaad Detective Agency461.750Pigeon Hills "Channel 1"
Schaad Detective Agency461.9875
Schaad Detective Agency462.100Pleasureville - Phone Patch?
Schaad Detective Agency464.975
Schaad Detective Agency464.9875
Schaeffer Excavating463.400
Shipley Humble Corp.47.52
Shipley Humble Corp.49.56
Ski Roundtop464.775
Ski Roundtop464.325Ski Patrol
Susquehanna Broadcasting Company464.625
Susquehanna Broadcasting Company851.1125
Tri-State Paging454.150
Tri-State Paging152.060
Tri-State Paging35.200
United Disposal151.805
Voith Hydro Turbine153.080
Waste Management44.26
WHTM TV 27 News462.000Repeater 1 - WYM-352 Base
York Daily Record464.625
York Parachuting Center468.875
York Sunday News173.325
York Waste Disposal Inc.461.975
York Waste Disposal Inc.463.900
Adams County EMS462.950Med 9
Cumberland County EMS46.06Low Band Dispatch
Cumberland County EMS462.975Med 10 Dispatch
Dauphin County EMS33.84Fireground
Dauphin County EMS33.90Freq 4
Dauphin County EMS33.86Hospital
Dauphin County EMS33.80Low Band Dispatch
Dauphin County EMS462.950Med 9 Dispatch
Grantley Ambulance155.280Private Channel
Hanover Patient Transfer464.275Private Channel
Harrisburg River Rescue33.04Private Channel
Lake Clarke River Rescue33.10Private Channel
Lancaster County EMS33.60
Lancaster County EMS33.90Dispatch
Lebanon County EMS155.280Dispatch
Lebanon County EMS155.340Freq 2
White Rose Ambulance461.975Private Channel
York County EMS462.975Med 10 Dispatch
Adams County Fire46.18Dispatch
Adams County Fire46.20Fire 2
Adams County Fire46.26Fire 3
Adams County Fire46.32Fire 4
Adams County Fire46.30Fire 5 - Fire Police Operations
Bethlehem Steel - Steelton163.485Fire - "Station 69"
Cumberland County Fire46.06Dispatch
Cumberland County Fire46.12Fireground
Cumberland County Fire46.22Mobile to Mobile
Cumberland County Fire46.44
Dauphin County Fire33.80Freq 1 Dispatch
Dauphin County Fire33.84Freq 3 Fireground
Dauphin County Fire33.86Freq 4
Dauphin County Fire33.90Freq 5
Derry Twp. Fire/EMS33.96
Eastern York County Forest Fire Crew45.04Private Channel
Fairview Township Fire458.050Private Channel
Harrisburg City Fire453.700Freq 1
Harrisburg City Fire453.975Freq 3
Harrisburg International Airport33.92Crash/Fire/Rescue
Inter-County Mutual Aid154.280Adams/Cumberland/York and all MD Counties
Lancaster City Fire33.82
Lancaster County Fire33.90Dispatch
Lancaster County Fire33.64Fireground
Lancaster County Fire33.56NE Zone
Lancaster County Fire33.76NW Zone
Lancaster County Fire33.72S Zone
Lebanon County Fire33.90Dispatch
Lebanon County Fire33.74Freq 2
Lebanon County Fire33.78Freq 3
Lebanon County Fire33.94Freq 4
Manchester Twp. Fire Dept.154.370TAC
Manheim Twp. Fire33.68
Middletown Fire33.76
York City Fire154.190Dispatch/Operations
York City Fire154.235Operations/Fireground
York City Fire154.250Administration
York City Fire154.355Fire Police
York City Fire154.445Public Safety
York City Fire154.325TAC 1
York City Fire153.950TAC 2
York City Fire154.010TAC 3
York City Fire154.070TAC 4
York City Fire153.890Citywide Common
York City Fire153.830Low Power Portables Only
York County Fire33.90Freq 1 - Dispatch/Alerting
York County Fire33.88Freq 2 - Dispatch/Response/Command
York County Fire33.58Freq 3 - Mutual Aid Zone
York County Fire33.48Zone 1 - NW Fireground
York County Fire33.52Zone 2 - SW Fireground
York County Fire33.54Zone 3 - NE Fireground
York County Fire33.66Zone 4 - SE Fireground
York County Fire154.280Mutual Aid 1
York County Fire154.265Mutual Aid 2
York County Fire154.295Mutual Aid 3
York County Fire154.370Metro Area
York County Fire154.040Fire Police Operations
York County Fire154.540Fire Police Channel 2
York County Fire151.925Fire Police Channel 3
Army Corps of Engineers164.150Indian Rock Dam
Fort Indiantown Gap41.40Range Control
Fort Indiantown Gap41.00Fire/Rescue
Fort Indiantown Gap412.850Security
Fort Indiantown Gap40.80National Guard
Fort Indiantown Gap40.83National Guard
Fort Indiantown Gap46.93National Guard
Fort Indiantown Gap49.30National Guard
Fort Indiantown Gap49.70National Guard
Lebanon County EMA45.08
National Park Service164.725Gettysburg Nat'l Military Park
National Park Service166.275Gettysburg Nat'l Military Park
National Weather Service162.550Harrisburg
Pennsylvania Emer. Mgmt. Agency158.835
Pennsylvania Emer. Mgmt. Agency453.525
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board158.760 F1
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board156.015 F2
Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board45.30Portables (Old System)
York City155.895Public Works
York City155.100WWTP
York City155.115Sewer Authority
York County453.575
York County156.180Public Works
York County151.430Parks Department
York County Emer. Mgmt. Agency453.600Freq 1
York County Emer. Mgmt. Agency453.775Freq 3
York County Prison453.500
Carlisle Repeater145.430Output - Input Freq 144.830
Carlisle Repeater146.880Output - Input Freq 146.280
Columbia Repeater147.180Output - Input Freq 147.780
Columbia Repeater444.850Output - Input Freq 449.850
Ephrata Repeater145.450Output - Input Freq 144.850
Hanover Repeater147.330Output - Input Freq 147.930
Harrisburg Repeater145.470Output - Input Freq 144.870
Harrisburg Repeater146.760Output - Input Freq 146.160
Harrisburg Repeater146.940Output - Input Freq 146.340
Harrisburg Repeater147.375Output - Input Freq 147.975
Harrisburg Repeater224.780Output - Input Freq 223.180
Harrisburg Repeater444.450Output - Input Freq 449.450
Lancaster Repeater147.015Output - Input Freq 146.415
Lancaster Repeater147.015Output - Input Freq 147.615
Lancaster Repeater224.300Output - Input Freq 222.700
Lancaster Repeater224.320Output - Input Freq 222.720
New Cumberland Repeater147.000Output - Input Freq 147.600
Red Lion Repeater145.110Output - Input Freq 144.510
York Repeater145.310Output - Input Freq 144.710
York Repeater146.790Output - Input Freq 146.190
York Repeater146.970Output - Input Freq 146.370
York Repeater447.275Output - Input Freq 442.275
York Repeater444.250Output - Input Freq 449.250
Community General Osteo. Hosp.155.325Operations
Harrisburg Polyclinic Hospital154.620Operations
Harrisburg Hospital155.220Operations
Memorial Hospital157.450In-House Paging, May Be Gone
Memorial Hospital461.900
University Hospital - Hershey Med.155.565F1 - Security/Operations/Maintenance
University Hospital - Hershey Med.155.280F2 - Emergency Tactical
University Hospital - Hershey Med.155.355F3 - Life Lion Operations
University Hospital - Hershey Med.155.205F4 - Life Lion Channel 2
University Hospital - Hershey Med.453.125Hospital Paging
York Hospital152.0075Paging
York Hospital155.400Simplex
York Hospital153.440Security
York Hospital153.665Engineering
York Hospital153.7925Common
York Hospital155.205Helipad
Adams County Police45.50Freq 1 Dispatch
Adams County Police45.54Freq 2
Adams County Sheriff45.10
Cumberland County Police45.90Freq 1 Dispatch
Cumberland County Police45.86Freq 2 NCIC
Cumberland County Police45.82Freq 3 Car to Car
Dauphin County Police460.075Freq 1 Central
Dauphin County Police460.025Freq 2 South
Dauphin County Police460.100Freq 3 Countywide
Dauphin County Police460.050Freq 4 North
Dauphin County Police460.225Freq ? Felony
Harrisburg Capital Police453.300Freq 1
Harrisburg Capital Police453.100Freq 2
Harrisburg City Police155.700
Harrisburg City Police156.450
Harrisburg City Police460.275
Harrisburg City Police460.300
Harrisburg City Police460.350
Harrisburg City Police156.210Dispatch
Lancaster City Police154.875Dispatch
Lancaster City Police154.800Freq 2
Lancaster County Police155.895Car to Car
Lancaster County Police155.685County-Wide
Lancaster County Police155.430Metro
Lancaster County Police155.535NE Dispatch
Lancaster County Police155.640NW Dispatch
Lancaster County Police154.860S Dispatch
Lebanon County Police37.26Freq 1 Dispatch
Lebanon County Police37.24Freq 2
Lebanon County Police45.10Freq 3
Lebanon County Sheriff45.10
York City Police156.570Freq 1 (York County Zone 1)
York City Police156.330Freq 2
York County Police Net155.250Zone 2 Northern
York County Police Net155.415Zone 3 South & West
York County Police Net155.625Zone 4 South & East
York County Police Net158.940Zone 5 Countywide Channel 1
York County Police Net155.610Zone 6 Countywide Channel 2
York County Sheriff460.425
York County Sheriff453.2625Mobile Repeaters
CONRAIL161.070Channel 2 - Road
CONRAIL160.800Channel 1 - Road
CSX160.230Channel 1 - Road
CSX160.320Channel 2 - Dispatcher
Gettysburg Railroad160.800
Maryland & Pennsylvania RR160.335Channel 1 - Road
Maryland & Pennsylvania RR160.695Channel 2 - Yard
Northern Central Railway160.725
Northern Central Railway161.145
Steelton & Highspire RR161.190Road
Steelton & Highspire RR160.425
Steelton & Highspire RR160.740
Strasburg Railroad161.235
Civil Air Patrol148.125? (Was 148.150)
Gettysburg College464.925
Gettysburg College464.975
Harrisburg Area Community College467.8375HACC Fire School
Harrisburg Area Community College154.540Security
Lutheran Social Services464.575
Penn State - Capital Campus158.775Campus Police
Penn State - York Campus151.715
York City School District154.570
York College151.805
York College154.040
York County Agricultural Society154.540York Fair F1 - Maintenance
York County Agricultural Society154.570York Fair F2 - Ops Police
York County Agricultural Society151.505York Fair F3
York County Agricultural Society152.025York Fair F4
York County Agricultural Society151.625York Fair F5
York County Agricultural Society154.600York Fair F6 - Parking
York County Parks158.940
York County React Team C-152462.675National Channel
York RACES146.790
Capitol Area Transit453.675
Rabbit Transit453.200(Formerly YATA, Community Transit)
Rabbit Transit453.475
Dauphin County Transportation Auth.453.375
Penn Harris Taxi152.390
Red Lion Bus Company152.330
Cable TV of York151.835
GPU Nuclear451.525Three Mile Island
GPU Nuclear461.375Three Mile Island
GPU Nuclear451.050Three Mile Island Operations
GPU Nuclear451.125Three Mile Island Operations
Hanover CATV Inc.462.125
GPU (Met Ed)37.50
GPU (Met Ed)37.52
GPU (Met Ed)37.54
GPU (Met Ed)37.56
Philadelphia Electric Company451.075Peach Bottom Atomic Plant
York Water Company37.72
York Water Company153.470
York Water Company464.625

For a more detailed list of Central Pennsylvania frequencies, download my frequency list.

For detailed information on the York County emergency services radio system, please see my York County Emergency Services Radio Network page.

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