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Scanner Radio Monitoring

With a background in emergency services, as well as being a former 911 dispatcher, and with other interests that use radio communications, radio scanners also became a hobby of mine. I enjoy monitoring the airwaves around the York area. I maintain a list of York County frequencies and unit numbers and a list of Central Pennsylvania scanner frequencies here on my site.

Although sporadic in use, I have available lists of ten codes and selected lookup codes from York County on the site as well. Some of my radio scanning related stops on the web include:

  • YahooGroups CPMA Mailing List - The Central Pennsylvania Monitoring Association maintains a mailing list at YahooGroups to share information via e-mail. Visit this site to sign up for the e-mail list.
  • Monitoring Post Pro-2006 Page - A page by a friend, Steve Hancock, with loads of information about scanning, particularly with his favorite scanner, the PRO-2006.
  • SCAN-PA - This site contains message areas discussing scanning throughout Pennsylvania.
  • Jim Fordyce's Long Island Scanning Resources - Jim Fordyce maintains quite a wealth of scanner frequency information, including information on York County.
  • Incident Broadcast Network - Live audio from scanners in various cities. I currently am streaming York County and York City audio through this site.
  • The Bravest - Here's a site with live audio links to the fire department dispatch frequencies for four of the five boroughs that comprise the City of New York. Listen to Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and "Da Bronx" live on the Internet.
  • The Police Scanner Info Portal - A new site on the radio monitoring hobby.

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