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Emergency Services

If you read my bio on my home page, it should be quite obvious that I have a genuine interest in emergency services. I can tell you that there are no better friends than those in the fire service. I am always checking out emergency services sites on the Web. Here are a few of my favorite emergency services related sites: Here's some regional sites that I like to visit:
  • Fire-Ground.Com - Brian Bastinelli's new web site, with photos from various locales in the central Pennsylvania area. Replaced his former Ground Zero Fire Photos web site.
  • Capitol City Fire Photos - Jason Coleman-Cobb's fire photos web site, with fire photos from the region.
  • LancasterFire.Com - This is THE place for Lancaster County fire service personnel. Owned by Glenn Usdin of Command School.
  • CentralPAFire.Com - An area for area emergency services personnel. Unfortunately, their anonynimity allows some of these folks to act a bit juvenile, but still a worthwile site to visit.
  • The Watch Desk - A site with a number of discussion areas, including many Pennsylvania areas.
  • Pennsylvania Firefighter - Home site of the Pennsylvania Firefighters e-mail list, this site has numerous links for those interested in the Pennsylvania fire service.
  • Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association - The Pennsylvania state organization of local IAFF affiliates.
Here are a few of the local area emergency services pages on the Web:
(Is your fire company/department site not listed? Please contact me with the link.)

The following departments have sites at Firehouse.Com (which may or may not be active):

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